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Purpose of Jewish Rescuers of the Holocaust Website

In Slovakia, the deportation trains stopped in 1942 due to inspired negotiation with the Nazis by the Bratislava Working Group under leadership of Rabbi Michael Weissmandl and Gisi Fleischmann. The deportation trains from Hungary stopped in mid-1944 when a Romanian-Hungarian Jew, George Mandel Mantello, publicized the atrocities of Auschwitz and thereby ignited the conscience of the free world, which led to the first major public protest against the Holocaust.  Thousands of young Jewish Zionists rescued their fellow Jews throughout Europe.  Tens of thousands of Jews were spirited out of Europe by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, who expended millions of dollars and sent agents all over Europe to rescue Jews.

The rescue of Jews by Jews in Nazi occupied territory was extremely perilous.  Jewish rescuers were in constant danger.  Their actions made them conspicuous and extraordinarily vulnerable.  Some Jews came out of hiding to rescue fellow Jews.  Others delayed their own opportunity to escape the Nazis in order to remain to help their fellow Jews. 

Thousands of Jewish rescuers have been identified as having rescued their fellow Jews.  Many of these Jews risked their lives to do so.  Many Jewish rescuers were deported to the concentration or death camps and were murdered.

More than 500 Jewish organizations were involved in rescuing their fellow Jews during the Shoah. 

Organized and individual rescue of Jews by Jews took place in virtually every country and under every circumstance during the Nazi occupation of major parts of Europe.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about these heroes.


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